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A full-blooded Italian from the suburbs of Philadelphia,  1 of 6 kids (5 boys and 1 girl) Great parents married 55 years (all in a row) 17 nieces and nephews, 8 grand nieces and nephews.

Aldo Juliano grew up working construction and Wrestling,

with his love for the sport and unstoppable work ethic, he made it to the third round of 1984 Olympic Trials.

Aldo then moved to NY to pursue and Acting career, taking acting classes in the day and working at Chippendales at night after extensive work Day and Night

He decided to take the next step moving to LA, now adding Stand Up Comedy and Writing to his resume’ and pursuits

Landing in Santa Monica, Aldo started writing and performing Comedy in-between acting jobs, he is a veteran of the “Witness Protection Comedy Shows”

and has appeared with the legendary Garrett Morris in a benefit for Habitat for Humanity. He has performed with Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley for the Odessa Chambliss Quality of Life Foundation. He was first runner up in the Carnival Cruise Comedy Contest.

He was the opening act for 8 months prior to Covid for the hysterical Jay Mohr

 Aldo has shared the stage with the Amazing Adam Hunter, Jim Summers, Greg Wilson, Tom Clark, Joe Bartnick, Greg Vaccariello, Kira Soltanovich and Shawn Pelofsky to name a few. Aldo has performed at the Hollywood Improv, the Laugh Factory, The Comedy Store, The Icehouse, Downtown Comedy Club, Comedy Cabaret, Atlanta Punchline, the Prime Cut and The Comedy Zone. 


Aldo’s Acting career has been a fun ride working with Amazing people like

Thomas Jane, Danny Trejo, Sylvester Stallone and Chuck Zito in “Reach Me” and getting to share the screen with Willem Dafoe and Matt Dillion in “Bad Country”.

Aldo is currently having a blast working on a TV show called “California Dream” playing a mob connected big movie producer.

Aldo also started his own Non-Profit Wrestling Club for All kids called, “Westside Mat Monsters”

Aldo is hardworking, dedicated, dependable, and loyal and loves his huge Italian family which, in every way, affects his comedy, acting and writing. 

Aldo might come off like an easy going, happy go lucky Womanizer, but he is way deeper than that! Aldo has a good heart, a caring soul and an open mind and approaches every day with a Great Sense of Humor! 


 HT.   5’10”                WT. 190 lbs.                               EYES-HAZEL        HAIR-BROWN



COMEDY - STAND-UP COMIC                                                                                           

Improv-Hollywood / Ontario,/NY - Ice House-Pasadena, Comedy Store, The Punchline-Atlanta 

The Tropicana Las Vegas, Laughs, Comedy Cabaret - Phila. & Other Various Comedy Clubs in Hollywood, Road Work- Feature- 30 min. and Co-Headliner-45 min. set

CORPORATE GIGS – Shaquille O’Neal & Charles Barkley Benefit

1st Runner up - Winner Carnival Cruise Challenge



California Dream                              Lead                               Mickael Gold Director

The Coroner: Speak for the Dead     Lead                               Erik S. Wiggle Director

DEM GUYS                                                 Lead                                      Funny Or Die

HEIST     Supporting                             NBC/ Ed Bianchi

GUIDING LIGHT                                        Supporting                            CBS/ Various Directors

ONE LIFE TO LIVE                               Day Player                            ABC/ Various Directors

GENERAL HOSPITAL     Reaccuring                            ABC/ Various Directors

LIFEGUARDS     Day Player                          Buccicci Weiss Prod

THE MICHAEL RICHARDS SHOW     Suporting                               NBC/ Asaad Kelada        

THE EDDIE FILES                   Day Player                             FASE Prod./Rob Mikuriya

MONTY                   Supporting                           NBC/Robby Benson

BEHIND BARS                   Day Player                              Tina Sieler Prod./Alex Hennech

MISSING REWARDS                   Featured                                   CBS/ Dean Goldberg

THE STORY BEHIND THE STORY     Featured                                   NBC/ Jeff Kurtti



REACH ME                                          Supporting                                  John Herzfeld, Dir.

BAD COUNTRY                                    Supporting                                 Chris Brinker/ Sony Studios

ALONG THE WAY                               Suporting                                    Andrew Bowen/Dreadought Films

A STEP AHEAD            Lead                              Suasan Sahah, Independent                    

BOROUGH OF KINGS            Supporting                                  Elyse Lewin/Independent

L.A TIMES, TRAILER           Lead/Stunt Man                          Paul Ramandi/Paramount

ALIVE AND KICKING           Lead                                            Luke Greenfield/ Independent

GOOD GIRLS DON’T           Supporting                              Rick Sloan/ Independent

OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY           Featured                                       Norman Jewison/ Warner Bros.

BONFIRE OF THE VANITIES           Featured                                       Brian DePalma/ Warner Bros.

TRUE LOVE           Featured                                       Nancy Savoca/ MGM


             Available Upon Request

TRAINING: NY – Acting Technique-Julie Bovasso, Meisner Technique-Richard Pinter, at the Actors Studio NY,  Method-Charles Regan, Commercial Study-Pam Zarrett, Ginger Friedman, Voice & Diction-Sam Schwatt, Soap Study-Kathy Houle, Body Movement-Lloyd Williams kool

LA – Van Mar Academy of Motion Picture & Television Acting – Ivan S Markota, Dir. , Jeff Sable

SPECIAL SKILLS - Stunts, Fights, & Wrestling and Fight Choreography, Jet Skiing,  Rope Jumping, Horseback Riding, Dance, Gun Handling, Driver’s License (Large Trucks),  Weightlifting, Excellent Athletic Physique, Wrestling, Boxing, Baseball, Football, Karate, Swimming, Biking, Running, Soccer, Basketball, Motorcycle Rider and Bike Owner

Magic, (Live Doves, Cards, Illusions, Fun) 

1984 Olympic Freestyle wrestling Qualifier & Third Place Finisher

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