ALDO the Comic:


After selling 5 pages to the Jimmy Kimmel show, Aldo decided to move from being funny in front of the computer typing and move it to the Stage.

The First time on stage was like being home! 


After growing up with 5 Brothers in an Italian household, heckles were like cheers 


After yearssss of experimenting and trial and Many errors, 

Aldo has Figured out what makes Women Tick, Love and want Relationships! (LOL Sure he has!)


In his search for Ultimate Wisdom and Cracking the Code to Women Aldo spent Hours and Hours of Reading and Studying…ok, ok

Maybe just looking at the Pictures! And becoming a true “COSMO Girl…GUY”


ALDO has drawn from his Upbringing, Heritage, Life Experience and Cosmo to Now: TEACH, GUIDE and ENLIGHTEN others


Learn from Aldo and Learn How to; Treat a Woman Listen to a Woman

Feed a Woman, Listen to a Woman Talk to a Woman, Listen to a Woman, and Listen to a Woman,


Weather you learn Anything or Not…


A Evening with ALDO is a truly Fun and Entertaining! …Weather it ends with a drink, Dinner or Coffee the next morning!



Aldo the ACTOR:


After getting a taste of entertainment, through a lip sync show then working for the Amazing Chippendales (not the furniture) 


Aldo found his total love for being on stage or in front of the Camera was not to be over looked. 

He threw away his hammer and tool belt and made his home in New York.

Studying at the Actors Studio, then making his way to LA, California to pursue his film and TV goals.


Aldo has done many great shows and films working for Great people like John Herzfeld, and Chris Brinker and along side great actors like Thomas Jane, Danny Trejo, Sylvester Stallone, Willem Dafoe and Matt Dillon


ALdo continues his quest to be Great and working constantly always looking for the next challenge.


Aldo is currently working on a TV series called, “California Dream” written and directed by a Great French up and comer, Michael Gold.

Also Aldo is currently shooting a film called, “LA 4orce” with an amazing writer/director, Giovanni Zeiko.


Aldo also writes and currently has 2 Pilots and 2 Films being polished.


On his down time…if there is any ALdo coaches young kids in Wrestling, working at Santa Monica High as Girls head coach and boys asst, coach.

Aldo also has a Non-Profit Wrestling club he owns called “Westside Mat Monsters”


Life is a Beautiful Journey

Starry Sky



Good Guy

or Bad Guy?! You decide!





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All Videos

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